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FILL SANDBAGS FAST - Now One Person Can Do 5X The Work !!!

THIS IS HOW TO FILL SANDBAGS... GoBagger® Scoop is a heavy-duty, lightweight, portable manual sandbag filling tool that allows one person to bag unassisted. Fill sandbags faster quickly... faster than ever before. Put one in every truck... Multiplies manpower and production BY 500%. Can go anywhere, everywhere, anytime - sand bag at multiple sites simultaneously. Self-stacking to save space, lifetime warranty, satisfaction guarantee.

Just Three Easy Steps:

Poly Bags? Burlap Bags? Any Kind of Bag! Any Size! One size Fits All...Wet or dry sand? NO PROBLEM! The GoBagger works with any kind of bag or fill that you have. 



Now One Person Can Do 5X The Work !!! 
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In a flood fight, the GoBagger® will be your best ally!

Since the beginning... if you wanted to fill sand bags for flood emergencies, it was a two man to hold the bag and one to shovel sand into the bag. It use to take three to four shovel loads which is way too slow and tedious. NOT ANYMORE...

Fill Sandbags Faster... Save Time. Save Money. Save Manpower. Save Property. Save Trouble!

Used by National Guard, US Air Force Reserve, US Army, Levee & Reclamation Districts, Fire Departments, State Highway Dept., Environmental Geotextile Contractors, Trenching Contractors, Highway Construction Contractors, Plant Managers, Municipal Public Works, State Water and Flood Agencies and many more... Worldwide!

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The GoBagger is the ultimate GO TO flood fighting tool. Now one man can do the work of many... more efficiently, faster, safer, and less tediously!" We welcome your comments and questions... if you would like to know more about our company or have something to say please contact us. Thanks for visiting!