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"I think the GoBagger is the best thing ever invented! First of all, my site needed a better way of making sand bags. I was looking into getting a sand bag machine and I thought that it has too many mechanical parts and they always break. I decided to do some research. I was able to get some information regarding sand bag machines but I thought to myself that there has to be a cheaper, easier way of making sand bags. That's when I came across the GoBagger website and I decided to talk to my superintendent and I was able to convince him that it was a good idea to purchase the GoBagger instead of a mechanical sand bagging machine. We purchased 8 GoBaggers and introduced them to the crew. We like them because they save a lot of manpower and it is portable. We can take the GoBagger to any location where a sand bag machine normally would not make it. I have attached some digital photographs taken when we first received the GoBaggers. Please feel free to contact me if you need any more information."
Mario Almaraz Maintenance Supervisor, County of Orange, Irvine Waste Management District, CA

"My organization, "Nechama" purchased 4 of your units last week and they worked great. I was able to easily bag 4 times more than the people working along side of me with shovels.  I was working side by side with the National Guard and I was out filling them at times 6 or 8 to one. We have been using it now for about three days non-stop and it is a great bagging unit.  Your advertisement suggests that with the GoBagger one can do to work of two, but I must tell you it is far more efficient than that. I think that we are easily getting a 4:1 return in productivity.  With one strong person bagging, we can keep three others tying and loading bags onto pallets.  We have now filled literally tens of thousands of bags with the GoBagger and it is unquestionably the best system we have ever used. This is only after three days and about 10,000 bags on this one. By the way, it doesn't even look used. They hold up very well."
Perry Smith, Manager NECHAMA, St. Paul, Minnesota 

NECHAMA – Jewish Response to Disaster has been responding to floods since 1996. In that time, one of the most useful tools we have come across is the GoBagger – an excellent device for filling sandbags over 4‐5 times faster than the traditional shovel method! NECHAMA purchased 100 of them, and have both used them ourselves and loaned them out to communities, who have been very grateful for the resource. The GoBagger is a tremendous resource for anyone in a flood fight who needs a portable way to fill sandbags in a hurry. We are happy to highly recommend this product.
Amy Cyton, Development Associate NECHAMA, St. Paul, Minnesota 

"One thing we're proud of is that one man using a GoBagger can fill  four bags a minute, while it takes two men using a shovel to do only 1-1/2 bags/minute"
Bill Hampton, General Manager of Levee District #1 in Sutter County, CA.

"I couldn't believe it, but one man using a GoBagger can do 5 bags a minute, while two men giving it all they got could only fill 2 bags a minute...   In my opinion, the GoBagger far exceeds the shovel and hold method...This tool will become a part of my truck... I will always keep at least two in the back..."
Rick Carter, Superintendent of Reclamation District #1601, Twitchell Island, CA. 

"My GoBagger has finally arrived and I've broken it in. WOW! This gadget is the greatest thing since sliced bread!  I only wish I had thought of it. It works great.  Thanks!"   Larry L, Contractor,  Hereford, AZ

"I knew from the first bag that this was 10 times easier than what I was doing. Your simple design is effective and easy to use.  I am so happy that I contacted you -- this made my life, my project that much more appealing to people who will try building with sandbags.... Your product gave me faith that I will meet my deadlines... Sandbagging is not an easy job to do, but your product makes it as easy as a day at the beach."
Diana K, Home Builder & Author, Garfield, AR

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The GoBagger is the ultimate GO TO flood fighting tool. Now one man can do the work of many... more efficiently, faster, safer, and less tediously!" We welcome your comments and questions... if you would like to know more about our company or have something to say please contact us. Thanks for visiting!

Used by National Guard, US Air Force Reserve, US Army, Levee & Reclamation Districts, Fire Departments, State Highway Dept., Environmental Geotextile Contractors, Trenching Contractors, Highway Construction Contractors, Plant Managers, Municipal Public Works, State Water and Flood Agencies and many more... Worldwide!

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