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  Max Stavron - VP Operations for 1st Source Enterprises/The GoBagger Company

Max Stavron - GoBagger VP of Operations
Max Stavron is our VP of Operations

Max Stavron
has a background in sales management, marketing, web design, and finance... and is a natural entrepreneur. With a true desire to help people in need, taking over the GoBagger operation was a great fit for Max. He took over the company in 2009 and went right to work setting up a new manufacturing facility, a new bolder logo and look for the company, a new more exciting website with more videos and overview info, and then set out to develop a distribution network all over the United States, Canada, Australia, and even Europe. He also redeveloped the GoBagger's original design and dimensions in order to accommodate the smaller European Standard sandbag and then started a manufacturing facility in the UK as well.

Under Max Stavron's management, the company has changed its corporate name and is growing in leaps and bounds in its popularity and public awareness. We are proud to announce that we are now an Approved Vendor/Supplier to one of the largest hardware distribution catalogue companies in the world – Grainger Supply, as well as several of its subsidiary catalogue companies such as Ben Meadows and Zoro Tools.  Grainger has featured the GoBagger in its opt-in monthly e-newsletter for February 2010… an honor only reserved for a product that Grainger feels stands out amongst the millions of products it carries. Ben Meadows has also featured The GoBagger in their yearly catalogue with a full page display. We are proud to announce that we have been chosen as one of the “Editor’s Picks” for the year and we are a featured product. Only twelve products from their line of ten’s of thousands were chosen based on product ingenuity, usefulness, uniqueness, and overall potential. Ben Meadows also broke ground on their online catalogue with The GoBagger, and now has a special feature demo movie showing the GoBagger in action… something they never have done before for any product.

Max Stavron - VP of Operations GoBagger USA

With Max Stavron at the helm, The GoBagger is now in its second decade of service, and looking forward to exciting new prospects. We are continuing to grow, expand sales and distribution, manufacture and supply chain systems, bringing on new major customers, and currently discussing major growth with potential new investors… "Man, why would anybody fill a sandbag with a shovel anymore, when now it only takes 1 person to fill a sandbag... you can increase production by over 500%. That's vital when the floods are coming!" said Max in a recent interview.

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"Now one man can do the work of many... more efficiently, faster, safer, and less tediously!"

The GoBagger is the ultimate GO TO flood fighting tool. Now one man can do the work of many... more efficiently, faster, safer, and less tediously!"
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The GoBagger Heavy Duty Sandbag Filling Tool is used and endorsed by the US National Guard, US Army, US Air Force Reserve,  Levee & Reclamation Districts, Fire Departments, State Highway Dept., Environmental Geotextile Contractors, Trenching Contractors, Highway Construction Contractors, Plant Managers, Municipal Public Works, State Water and Flood Agencies, The Army Corps of Engineers and many more... Worldwide!

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Max Stavron is the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the GoBagger Company


Max Stavron also is a professional Voice Over Announcer