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Company Info

The GoBagger Heavy Duty Sandbagging Tool has been on the scene now for just over a decade. That’s 10 years of service in the field… fighting floods and helping people from all walks of life fill sandbags in all kinds of conditions. Emergency Service personnel, Civil Service, Police, Fire & Rescue, Highway Safety, Levee Control Professionals, and the US Military all agree… There’s just nothing as fast, portable, lightweight, and cost effective as the GoBagger when it comes to filling sandbags in any kind of emergency.

The GoBagger was initially invented by Matt Piner of Sacramento, CA – a local architect, when he saw the need to “find a better way” back in the 90’s while doing some home improvements and landscaping. Because  he lived right in the heart of “levee country” (Sacramento is surrounded by flood control levees on all sides) he started talking with Flood Control Specialists about his idea and they were all excited and enthused about a tool that would fill sandbags faster and more efficiently… and allow one person to fill a sandbag, not two. Having considered so many aspects of human physiology, ergonomics, repetitive motion, weight distribution, and the job at hand in a real-world environment in which sandbags would be filled, a product engineer was consulted… After many prototypes and modifications, the GoBagger was born.

Having no background in how to bring a product to market, Piner consulted with Max Stavron, a friend and colleague who had many years of experience in business management, marketing & sales, and product development on his resume. Max helped Piner define his vision and built the company’s first website and began selling the “new mousetrap” to sandbag manufacturers and distributors all over the country as well as Canada, Mexico, South America, and even in Australia. Max quickly became intrigued by the amazing efficiency of The GoBagger and became a partner in the business once he recognized how this time and labor saving tool was being embraced by all who used it. The letters and phone calls of endorsement and praise came pouring in from all points… it was amazing. Max became truly enthused once he saw The GoBagger in action and saw first hand for himself how cities, towns, municipalities, housing developments, hospitals, shopping districts and so many more were all being saved from flooding when people used the tool… it felt good to do something positive and actually offer something to the marketplace that actually delivered what it promised, and more… no gimmicks here!

Max Stavron - VP Operations on the GoBagger Team USAThe list of clients and users grew and grew, and included The Army Corps of Engineers, The US Armed Forces all over the World, Highway Departments, Cities and Towns all over the US, Levee and Flood Control Districts, River & Waterway Management Operations, The National Guard, Utilities & Electric Companies, Plant Managers… and so on, it was amazing how many professionals and civilians were buying and using the GoBagger with great results.

In early 2009 Max Stavron took over the company completely and began a major growth endeavor in order to get The GoBagger out to more of the public, professional, and municipal realms. A new production facility and supply chain system was painstakingly put into place, a new website, promotional videos, and marketing materials were launched… and a major push was on to acquire more and larger distributors and points of sale so that more and more people would know about, be able to find, purchase, and use The GoBagger. More about Max Stavron here

The company has changed its corporate name and is growing in leaps and bounds in its popularity and public awareness. We are proud to announce that we are now an Approved Vendor/Supplier to one of the largest hardware distribution catalogue companies in the world – Grainger Supply, as well as several of its subsidiary catalogue companies such as Ben Meadows and Lab Safety.  Grainger has featured the GoBagger in its opt-in monthly e-newsletter for February 2010… an honor only reserved for a product that Grainger feels stands out amongst the millions of products it carries. Ben Meadows has also featured The GoBagger in their yearly catalogue with a full page display. We are proud to announce that we have been chosen as one of the “Editor’s Picks” for the year and we are a featured product. Only twelve products from their line of ten’s of thousands were chosen based on product ingenuity, usefulness, uniqueness, and overall potential. Ben Meadows also broke ground on their online catalogue with The GoBagger, and now has a special feature demo movie showing the GoBagger in action… something they never have done before for any product.

The GoBagger is now in its second decade of service, and looking forward to exciting new prospects. We are continuing to grow, expand sales and distribution, manufacture and supply chain systems, bringing on new major customers, and currently discussing major growth with potential new investors… Man, why would anybody fill a sandbag with a shovel anymore? 

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"Now one man can do the work of many... more efficiently, faster, safer, and less tediously!"

The GoBagger is the ultimate GO TO flood fighting tool. Now one man can do the work of many... more efficiently, faster, safer, and less tediously!"
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The GoBagger Heavy Duty Sandbag Filling Tool is used and endorsed by the US National Guard, US Army, US Air Force Reserve,  Levee & Reclamation Districts, Fire Departments, State Highway Dept., Environmental Geotextile Contractors, Trenching Contractors, Highway Construction Contractors, Plant Managers, Municipal Public Works, State Water and Flood Agencies, The Army Corps of Engineers and many more... Worldwide!

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